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Franciscan Monastry And Church




GPS: 46.62934, 24.880943

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Tel. 1: +40756617783

Tel. 2: +40743250000


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Franciscan Monastry And Church

Presentation - Franciscan Monastry And Church Eremitu

Perhaps the most valuable religious edifice of the region, the monastery was built in the 17th century, in the years of counter-reformation. At the beginning Bosnian, then Hungarian Franciscans established monastic and educational institutions with a library here.

Its octagonal tower and the crypt below the church are both very interesting aspects of the edifice. The crypt was the burial place for both noble laymen and ecclesiastic notables. Among the most significant artistic creations from an architectural perspective are the two carved, wooden gates
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Franciscan Monastry And Church Eremitu - +40756617783, +40743250000 -

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